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Concrete Sealer Removal & Restoration

Wrong type of sealers - This is the biggest problem for customers and contractors alike!

Concrete Sealer Removal

There are many different types of concrete sealant stripping agents one can attempt to use for removing sealer from concrete. Some are eco-friendly to the environment, but are costly and a lot more product needs to be utilized to get the surface properly cleaned, and it gets very expensive. How to remove concrete sealer can also be very tricky and dangerous.  

Concrete Sealer  Remover agents  usually require multiple applications. Each application requires surface to be dry in order to proceed with additional applications. Removal of the concrete sealer utilizing concrete removal agents can damage, metals, vinyl, wood or aluminum. This makes the entire experience costly, time consuming and truly labor intensive.

Solution : Ensure a professional is caring for your Stamped Concrete Pool Patio, Stamped Concrete Driveway and Walkways.

Looking for the best price forces contractors to utilize substandard products, take shortcuts and rush to complete the project, as to not lose money. It costs you more in the long run, to not have your stamped concrete properly cleaned and sealed.

Removal of Stamped Concrete Sealer


Reasons for the removal of concrete sealer; (signs of problems)

1.       Milky looking surface

2.       Crystallized concrete looking surface

3.       Yellowing in various areas throughout the projects surface

4.       Peeling of the concrete sealer

5.       De-lamination

6.       Incompatible sealers applied on top of each other

7.       Sealing over damp concrete

8.       Spraying concrete sealer-excess sealer is applied


Preventing Common Sealer Problems

Properly cleaning stamped concrete prior to sealing stamped concrete project

Proper cleaning and sealing applications minimize and can eliminate the need to resort to stripping or removing sealer from concrete. Concrete sealers are not all compatible. Washing, degreasing and a proper quality sealer application will help eliminate the nasty sealer removal from stamp concrete or conventional concrete.

Removing Concrete Sealer in MA & RI

Removing concrete sealer or sealants from stamped concrete is a difficult, messy and is a dangerous evolution, when attempting to resolve stamped concrete sealer issues.

Most concrete contractors have no interest in even entertaining the idea of getting involved in the concrete sealer removal process, utilizing stripping agents for concrete sealers.

Many so called concrete contractors will place bandaids-temporary fixes, to avoid the labor intensity, expensive equipment needed and required to do the job right, 100% right.

How to remove concrete sealants or sealers?

Removing concrete sealers and sealants from Stamped Concrete Pool Patios and Decks, Stamped Concrete Patios and Driveway are an everyday part of what we do.

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