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Stamped Concrete Testimonials Online

Stamped Concrete Restoration Testimonials/Reviews for Bristol County Sealing Company

At Bristol County "Stamped Concrete" Sealing Company we receive daily calls from stamped concrete customers, throughout the New England area, who have a variety issues, that stem from either substandard maintenance, a contractor using cheap or incompatible sealers and/or improper cleaning or sealing application procedures. These problems in most cases have been performed on their stamped concrete projects in the past, by various so called concrete contractors or themselves. Please see our testimonials below.

Most contractors utilize inexpensive sealers (they are installers-many tend to use inexpensive cure & seal sealers, as they are intended for the short term, (concrete to cure in 28 Days) they get paid and are on the way.

Many contractors usually do not properly clean/prepare the existing concrete surfaces, as we do before the sealer application process takes place with a quality concrete sealer, on the properly cleaned stamped concrete project surface.  Styrenated acrylic sealers tend to be inexpensive sealers, which are commonly used on your pool decks, patios, driveways and walkways, by these folks, (creates issues) who will do your project once, and you'll never see them again-because they are not in the restoration business. This process is repeated over and over again.Therefore, the "problems in the making", this is not something they will be back to deal with. But we see this every year and every day throughout the season.

This is our business, and what we proudly do for all our former installation customers and a large amount of other contractor's abandoned customers.

In almost all cases, when this happens, it will cost customers a lot more money to fix the problem, than it would to do it right the first time, and maintain and redo (not always with sealer) every two to three years. Utilizing only quality concrete sealer products, for stamped and conventional concrete surfaces is a must with BCSC.

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Most stamped concrete owners feel disappointed shortly after the installation of their wonderful stamped concrete project, usually in the following year or two. This is because of cheap, inexpensive and styrene type cure and seal, cheaper type sealers, that are designed to help the concrete cure properly, but it  will yellow over time, especially when too much is applied (sealer with a filler-hydro-carbons-plastics that turn yellow when exposed to UV-Suns rays). It will be very costly to remove, once this mistake is made by the customer or even worse for the concrete contractor or landscaper.

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Substandard application process or use of the inexpensive sealer/products are even worse and will cost customers dearly to rectify and are the major cause of this customer disappointment. After calling the installer, and then other contractors, they feel that a solution for there issue is nowhere in sight. No one returns there call.

That's when BCSC comes into play, because we specialize in the sealer removal, proper cleaning and sealing of stamped concrete patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways, utilizing only quality stamped and conventional concrete sealers.
See our testimonials below and more on page two.

Cleaning treating and sealing/restoring with proper regular maintenance intervals are what we do, and most of our customers understand the importance of protecting their investment, by insuring that only quality concrete sealers/ products are used on their stamped concrete projects.

We help our customers keep their conventional and stamped concrete looking new, year after year.
It cost more to fix stamped concrete issues, than it does to keep your stamped concrete looking great. Get on our regular schedule and save money and increase your projects longevity. Sign up for our savings newsletter.

Please see below what our customers have to say below.

Stamped Concrete Sealing Restoration Testimonials/Reviews

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio Sealing-Dartmouth, MA

                                 Stamped Concrete in New England

Stamped Concrete Patio-Taunton, MA

Our experience with the Bristol County Sealing Company is very positive. Mike and his crew are highly professional and the quality of their work is exceptional. Mike will keep track and remind us when it is time to reseal our patio and walkway and works around our schedule to accomplish the job. The pricing is very fair and he will apply any current discounts automatically!
Julie & Doug,
Taunton, MA

Stamped Concrete Testimonials in Massachusetts and Rhode Island


Stamped Concrete Patio with Steps, Somerset, MA

Stamped Concrete Patio, with large concrete step and concrete porch color sealing
I just found you folks online and decided my experience with your company last year deserved a rave review!

I have to say that the patio along with the restoring and color sealing of the front porch looks great. Family, friends and neighbors all provide favaroble comments on the appearance and the quality workmanship.

Personally, I was thrilled with the results and was so happy to have found a company with such professional personnel, who were polite, competent and did such a fantastic job. I would not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone looking to have stamped or regular concrete installed or restoring of concrete, and coloring and/or sealing.

Keep up the good work!

Joan M. Somerset, MA

Concrete Pool Patio, North Easton, MA

Bristol County Sealing did a great job cleaning and sealing the concrete deck around our pool area.  The concrete had not been cleaned in several years and now looks like new.  Mike was very accommodating and easy to work with.  The entire job was explained before any work started, and the work was done in a very thorough, professional manner.


The next time our pool area needs cleaning, Bristol County Sealing will be the first place we call.



Keith and Brenda E.
North Easton, MA

Stamped Concrete Pool Decking-Stamped Concrete Patio Sealing, Franlkin, Ma

I was considering replacing my old, tied and worn pool deck. I contacted Bristol County Sealing Company to consider sealing it instead. Mike was very responsive and came out and gave me an estimate in just a day or two. Needless to say, they got the job. He and his crew did a very professional job. My old, tied pool deck now looks as good as new. I saved $20,000+ by not replacing the deck. I am again getting compliments on the pool from everyone who visits. Bristol County Sealing Company has a customer for life.
 Steve E, Franklin,Ma

Stamped Concrete Patio Restoration- Dennis-Cape Cod, Ma.

This house is just temporary for us, and when we purchase or build our next home on the Cape, Bristol County Sealing Company will be one of the first people we call. 
We would most definitely recommend your company to anyone who is in the market for the addition of a wonderful outside living area!
Thanks again, 
John and Debbie M

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio and Pool Deck, Swansea, Massachusetts

BCSC was very professional throughout the process, and each employee was very courteous and helpful. We had the stamped concrete leading to and surrounding our pool cleaned and sealed. I liked the roller application of the sealer vs. spray application proposed by others who had given us estimates. There is no overspray to deal with, and the generous roller application ensured the sealant soaking into the concrete and bringing out the colors. Will not hesitate to contact BCSC again.

Steve (Swansea, MA)

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio & Deck-Mansfield, MA

Thank you so much for the great job you did on the washing, degreasing, and sealing of our stamped concrete pool deck. We were very please with your sense of professionalism and the pride you obviously take in your work. We would definitely recommend your services to friends and family!

Shauna F, Mansfield, MA

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio, Raynham, MA

Awesome Job !!

I found Bristol County Sealing online. I called the number and got a call back within hours. Mike Amaral, the owner, made an appointment to check things out the next week. He came over and took a look at my front walkway and my back patio. Two other companies had participated in laying the stamped concrete and subsequent maintenance, but BCS had no issues picking up where they left off. They did a phenomenal job !! That was 2 years ago. My stamped concrete looks better now than it did when it was brand new. Mike even went the extra mile helping me deal with a crack in the concrete. Above and beyond !! Thank you, Mike !!                                                                                                                                                              J.M. 07/08/2011

 Stamped Concrete Patio and Walkway-Whitman, MA

Bristol County Sealing Company is a very professional company to deal with. Mike the owner promptly returned my call and was on time to come give me an estimate. Mike and his crew restored my stamped concrete deck around my pool to like new condition! I highly recommend this company without hesitation.                                                                Thomas R. 5/23/2011

Stamped Concrete pool Patio-Bridgewater, MA

The guys at BCSC were excellent. They came when they said they would and they exceeded all expectations with the quality of the work. They prepared my deck by power washing the day before they sealed. I had inquired about this from another company that looked at the job. They said it didn’t need to be washed first. I am very thankful I found the guys at BCSC or I might have made a big mistake. The next day, after washing, they were back and applied the seal. The deck looks brand new thanks to Mike and the gang at BCSC. They did all this at a great price!

Derek S, Bridgewater, MA

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio Decking, Norwell MA

 We had been planning on having our stamped concrete restored right around the time that Bristol County Sealing Company mailed out postcards in our area. Mike promptly returned our calls and just as promptly arranged to come our and look at our concrete. We were scheduled less than three weeks out from the time he originally came out...the job was completed very professionally, and the concrete looks great. There was no guessing, we knew when to expect Mike and his crew, and when the job expected to be complete. The concrete looks great! We would (and will) call Mike again and would definitely recommend the work of Bristol County Sealing.

                                                                                                                                                           Katherine 07/21/2011

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio and Walkway-Easton, MA

Mike: I'm very satisfied with all aspects of the job, and will definitely use your company again.

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio-Framingham, MA

"Mike and the team from Bristol County Seeling did a great job of sealing the patio around my pool. The concrete looks brand new. They were very professional, showed up on time and their work is top notch."

Jim M,
Framingham, MA

Stamped Concrete Swimming Pool Patio, Hanover, MA

Bristol County Sealing Company is a very professional company to deal with. Mike the owner promptly returned my call and was on time to come give me an estimate. Mike and his crew restored my stamped concrete deck around my pool to like new condition! I highly recommend this company without hesitation.

Susan H.
Hanover, MA

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio, Yarmouth, MA

This house is just temporary for us, and when we purchase or build our next home on the Cape, Bristol County Sealing Company will be one of the first peple we call. 
We would most definitely recommend your company to anyone who is in the market for the addition of a wonderful outside living area!
Thanks again, 
John and Debbie

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck clean and resealing, Southborough, MA

A friend referred Bristol County Stamped Concrete Sealing Company to us to refinish our stamped concrete pool deck. I was told by the installer 10 yrs ago that it would never have to be resealed! After years of power washing, the finish was gone. Mike explained the cleaning procedure and provided information on the product he uses to seal. He cleaned and sealed my pool deck. We discussed the need for a second coat. Mike showed up a couple days later to apply a second coat and inspected the now dry seal.  Instead of taking my money, he told me a second coat was not necessary and I should wait a year and decide then. Nice to deal with honesty! I recommend BSCS. Price is very reasonable and quality excellent!

Ken S. of Southborough, MA

Stamped Concrete Pool Sealing Patio Decking, Somerset, MA

Other than the problems with the weather - which are completely out of your control - the experience was smooth and pretty seamless!  You did a great job of keeping in touch and letting us know about when you were hoping to be here and accessibility to reaching you was very, very good.

The level of respect for customer, project and property were also very good - your guys did a very good job and your ability to work around the grass area which had grown back up around the edge due to all the rain was very helpful.  I know you had mentioned the grass around the edge would die and turn brown from the chemicals but I don't really see alot of that happening (maybe all the rain helped there!  Can' believe how much we've had this month!)

Overall - we were very happy with all aspects from communication - expectations - punctuality - respect for the project & property etc.  We would definitely recommend you to anyone we know looking for help in this area and we'd like to thank you for a ob well done! 

Have a great summer and if we have future concrete projects in the future - we'll certainly give you a call!

Lenna D.
Somerset, MA

Stamped Concrete Patio, Steps and Walkway, Ashland, MA

Thank you for a job well done. We appreciate the fact that you travel so far to do our job. You team arrived on-time and were very neat and friendly.  We'll definitely have you back for next year.

Julie P,
Ashland, MA


Stamped Concrete Pool Patio Deck Restoration, North Chelmsford, MA

I would highly recommend Mike and Bristol County Sealing for any pool or patio owner! Mike cam out of his normal customer area (90 miles). Came when scheduled and did an excellent job while educating me on how to care and maintain my pool deck going forward For prompt customer service and a great job at more thabn a fair price, go to Bristol County Sealing for all your stamped or regular concrete jobs.

Steven C,
North Chelmsford, MA

Rhode Island

Stamped Concrete Patio, Pool Deck, Concrete steps and Concrete front walkway

This was our first time dealing with Bristol County Stamped Concrete Sealing and not our last. We were working with Mike Amaral and he sat down with us and went over everything we needed to know about our project. He was very helpfull in the design of our stamped concrete patios and stamped concrete walkways, and made us feel like friends. We are very happy and will be doing business with them again. Thanks!

Tom P, North Providence, RI

Stamped Concrete Patio Cleaning and Sealing, Bristol, RI

My very happy experience with Bristol County Sealing Company started with the excellent job Mike did with the original installation and continues every year when he comes back to clean and reseal my patio and front of house approach. I would recommend them for anyone who wants a quality job and follow on support.

John & Maxine J, Bristol, RI

Exposed Aggregate Pool Patio Decking, Tiverton, RI

I would like to commend Bristol County Sealing Company for the great job they did sealing our pool deck. They did just what they said they would do and the deck looks great. Even though we had some bad weather that delayed the completion of the job, they stayed in communication to let us know the status of the schedule. It was great customer service all around. The next time the deck needs sealing, it is a sure bet that we will be calling Mike to come back. He and his staff do good work and we were very satisfied with the results.


Tom K.
Tiverton, RI

Stamped Concrete Pool Patio Deck, Middletown, RI

We were very pleased with the sealing work done by Bristol County Sealing. The finish was neat and even, and has lasted well. 

We have a large (>2000sqft) stamped concrete deck around our pool.  We also have several children and we were concerned that the finish might be a little slippery.  Mike worked with us to customize the finish to ensure that it wasn't slippery around the pool.  The finish looked great and wasn't slippery.

Pat & Bill E.,
Middletown, RI


Stamped Concrete Pool Patio Decking-Walkways, Tiverton, RI
Mike is truly a professional. I had been told by other “professionals” that it would be a very costly job with no guarantees. Mike discouraged us from doing Stamped or Regular concrete around our in-ground pool the same year it was installed. I insisted and back filled around our pool (incremental process) for most of the summer and they completed our pool in the fall. Wow! We began using it immediately the following year and It’s been great. We had received various quotes that were extremely higher. Each year Mike or his crew come over and provide the cleaning and sealing maintenance, thereby, protecting our investment and making our deck look brand new, year after year, and is done at a reasonable cost. He is an honest man which is rare in today’s world. I recommend him highly.

John P, Tiverton, RI

Stamped Concrete Patio & Walkway

Bristol County “Stamped Concrete” Sealing Co. put in my sidewalk and a large stamped concrete patio under my deck in the backyard. They did an excellent job on both and I would call them to do more work if needed in the future.
Tony W.
Tiverton, RI

Stamped Concrete Patio and Walkways-Warren, RI

We were tired of looking at the shabby looking pavers and asphalt walkways we had out in front of the house. Oh, the cracked regular concrete patio out back too. So we called for a free quote and were impressed with Mike and his explanation and honesty of how the proper job is to be done. He explained the details and how they do not cut corners to beat out other contractor pricing in his field. That was it! We signed on and the rest is history. It’s years later and the quality workmanship lives on, and the referrals that have resulted from friends, neighbors and complete strangers are unbelievable, and AllStar Landscape continues to reap the benefits of a job well done. Mike maintains our awesome walkways and patio on a yearly basis. We have highly recommended Mike and the crew to our friends and drive-by strangers too. Call him, you’ll be glad you did.

Marc & Lisa P, Warren,RI

Stamped Concrete Patio -Newport, RI

MIke & crew:  I just want to thank you for the great job you did  putting in the patio for us . it still as great as it did the day you put it in and you did such a great job up cleaning up all around the patio and getting rid of all the extra dirt.  I am so glad we went with the stamped concrete. there is all most no up keep at all. 

George & Teresa R.
Newport, R

Stamped Concrete Sealing and Patio Installation, Lincoln, RI

Mike is a one of a kind man! I liked him from the get go and knew I could trust him. We were in a bind and had a special party scheduled in a few weeks. I was referred to Mike by a family member that had work done by Bristol County “Stamped Concrete” Sealing. I called Mike early in the season (important), and he was able to squeeze us in for one week out, and then I received a call from him that he was in the area and wanted to stop by to “take a look” at what we wanted to get done. That was it, we connected (trust) and the rest was history….For the sake of not writing a book, we started with dismantling a huge wooden deck, 1) building a retaining wall, to be able to backfill in order to have a 2) Stamped Concrete Deck of about 1000 square feet installed. 3)Then we had a 40+ stone wall built between the Pool and the Patio Deck.4) After that we decided we wanted to remove pavers we had in place as they looked questionable after a few years of being in place and replaced it with a Stamped Concrete Walkway. 5)Then we had our Porch extended out so we could actually walk on it without falling off. 6)Then we had the guys install a Cobblestone Apron at the Driveway Entrance with Two Columns and Stone Walls, all done in Pennsylvania Stone.

In the future, we plan on doing the rest of our driveway and our regular Concrete Pool Deck will be replaced with a beautiful Stamped Concrete Pattern. I will be honest and say, it was hard to let these gentlemen go. They were polite, organized, clean and respected us, our property and we look forward to having them back really soon.

I highly recommend Mike and the crew to anyone who wants be treated respectfully, have a quality job and work ethic, and in addition have a reasonable price to go along with the rest.

Paul&Cynthia V, Lincoln, RI

Stamped Concrete Patio, North Grafton, MA

Bristol County Sealing was wonderfully responsive, I contacted them on a weekend and had someone at my house for a quote a few days later. Even though the weather didn't cooperate for several weeks, I was kept informed of their schedule and when I was next on the list. My deck looks great and they did exactly what they said with no surprises. I'd highly recommend.

Jennifer O,
North Grafton, MA

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